My Fees & Terms That Will Save You Money
4% (not 6) is my fee for selling your house. 8% (not 10) for land.

Listing agreement of 1-year minimum (or longer depending on home condition, price-point, and market).

Non-refundable retainer fee of, generally, 10% of the total commission. This is applied to my commission at closing or upon termination of listing. 

Can I Go Lower Than 4% on Homes?

In some cases, yes.

Remember, most deals have an agent representing both sides. To be fair and mindful of the buyer’s agent's time (and buyer’s agents do put in a lot of time for their clients), we don’t want to offer any less than 2%. Most have brokerages that they have to split with.

If I represent both you and the buyer, a practice called Dual Agency that I am well-versed in, we may be able to reduce the total fee to 3.5% (an additional $1,500 savings on a $300,000 home, for a total savings of $7,500!).