You can buy with no mortgage, but you have to prove you have the cash.

Why You Need a Proof of Funds Letter

Over 90% of non-qualified potential buyers do not follow through with an offer after viewing homes and land properties. 

In a competitive market such as ours, sellers will most often choose the offer of a qualified buyer over that of a non-qualified buyer. A Proof of Funds serves as your qualification.

On behalf of our clients, real estate professionals will spend 30-60 hours of their time to prepare and show properties, research and write offers, and the necessary follow-up. The process of becoming properly qualified and obtaining a Proof of Funds takes about an hour or so. Obviously, everyone is better positioned for a successful home-buying process when the potential buyer is Pre-Qualified.

Many sellers and their agents will not allow non-qualified buyers to view their homes. A Proof of Funds is the qualification for cash buyers. 

Everyone is concerned with safety and security. For homeowners, properly qualifying potential buyers is the surest way to prevent theft and scams at homes that are for sale. Many sellers and their agents will not allow non-qualified to view their homes.

For the safety and security of the home sellers that we represent and the real estate professional community, we assure our clients that we will bring only properly qualified potential buyers into their homes. As leaders in our community, The Rising Tide Team extends this best practice and courtesy to the clients of other real estate agencies.

About Paying With Cash

Obtain & Email Your Proof of Funds

Obtaining a Proof of Funds Is An Easy Task
Let's say that the property you want to buy is $150,000. Always add closings costs, inspection fees, and other expenses. For round numbers, we'll add $5.000. So, you'll need to prove that you have $155,000 available for the purchase.

Remember, you will need funds for the Due Diligence Fee and the Earnest Money Deposit. This varies with each property. These funds are usually applied to your purchase but are paid when you sign contract to purchase. These are paid with checks that are provided to your real estate broker at the time of the offer.
Click here for more information about Due Diligence Fees and Earnest Money Deposits. 

Savings, Checking, or Investment Accounts

Your statement from a savings, checking or investment account that shows that you have enough funds that can be available at closing can be used as a Proof of Funds. Simply print or save a copy of your statement(s) and bring it with you to our first meeting or email it to us at When you hire our firm, we have a duty to maintain the confidentiality of your information. 

Letters from Licensed Financial Advisors

Your financial advisor that oversees your investment accounts will provide a letter verifying that you have the appropriate funds in your account that will be available to purchase the property you want. Ask your advisor to email us a copy of the letter to