The Three-Step Approach to

Buying a Home In An

Active or Seller's Market

1. Have your financing or cash in place.

2. Look for and choose a home.

3. Make an offer, negotiate, and head to closing on your new home.

​​We're so happy to help you purchase your home and property!

The first step in buying real estate is determining how much money a lender will lend. How much can you afford? How much home can you get for that amount?

The second step is researching possibilities that meet your financial criteria and personal desires. This eliminates the properties that do not fit your needs. Over 95% of homebuyers do not buy the home they first inquired about. So, it is important that we do our homework in the office.

Sometimes, buyers and some real estate brokers get it backwards. They waste many hours and miles looking at homes that they cannot afford to buy. Obviously, if you can only qualify for a mortgage for $150,000, it doesn't help to look at homes that cost $200,000 or $300,000, unless there is a substantial cash down payment.

Just below, you will find links for information about getting Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved. You will also find a link about Paying with Cash.

Buyers often believe they can make a very low offer to cover the difference between a mortgage loan and the price of the home. Please see our link below about Lowball Offers.

On these pages, we have links to lenders who can help you get Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved.

We invite you to ask us any questions you may have about the purchasing and financing process. ​An informed client is our best client.  

A Note About Online Real Estate Sources

Please be aware that Zillow, & Trulia do not have the most current, up-to-date, local information. We do! Zillow, & Trulia have never seen the property nor talked to anyone who has. We know our local market!