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Swift Reporting

Completion times depend on the scope of the project, location and the availability of documents. Even with today's technology, not all document in government repositories are digital. Many jurisdictions use paper files, books, microfilm, microfiche, and CD's. Different records are kept in numerous rooms in any one courthouse. Different clerks have different filing methods.

You can choose the reporting method.

Option 1: Just a verbal or email update.

Option 2: Provide documents via email or delivery.

Option 3: Provide an abstract* of the results.

*A public records abstract is a short synopsis of key details of documents, usually in chronological order. This takes more time as each document needs to be reviewed and a report must be typed..

Verification of Documents

There's a lot of information and documents available on the Internet. What are the sources of the data? How current is it? Is it accurate and complete? Does it pertain to the subject you are searching? Data and document verification is a systematic and experiential science and art.

Author of 

The Background on Background Checks

Paywalls and Registrations

Many states and counties require online registration and prepaid accounts to view documents. This can delay results. We'll let you know when that occurs.

Public Records are Vital to Information-Based Decisions

Expert Search Techniques & Experience are Vital to the Project

Some sources are available online. Most sources are not.

Thorough and accurate searching is much more than entering a name on a website.

Comparing and analyzing search results is part of the expertise in record retrieval.

Common names and name variations require careful search techniques and experience.

False positives are when records look like they pertain to your subject but really do not.

False negatives are when no records are found when there really is something out there.

I Want Everything There Is

We get this request once in a while. Frankly, if we searched using 'everything' as a search criteria, you'd pay thousands of dollars in unproductive  research time. Instead, we consult with you to devise a search plan that will help you achieve your goals and get the information that you need.

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Costs of Copies

Most jurisdictions (local, county, state and federal offices) charge a fee for the copies. This covers paper, photocopying and, sometimes, clerks' fees for reproducing the documents. We charge a nominal fee over and above jurisdictional fees for time spent scanning and emailing documents.

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