You can get pre-approved without buying a home, but you can’t buy a home without getting pre-approved.

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Let's Get You Pre-Approved So We Can Make a Winning Offer to Get the Home You Want!

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Here's What We Need to Get Started...

In this competitive market where homes sell quickly and buyers are constantly shut-out because their financing is not in place before making an offer, let’s be prepared by following the necessary steps to make a winning offer so you get the home you want!

Remember, more and more sellers will not show their homes to buyers who are not pre-approved.

Pre-qualification is no longer enough. So, let’s take these easy steps and then we can go look at homes…

Who needs to come to our initial home-buying meeting?
Those who will decide on which home to buy should be at the initial meeting. If any of the parties are not local, we’ll be happy to make arrangements that help the buying process.

What Documents Do We Need for Your Pre-Approval?
1. 2 forms of current and valid identification. At least 1 with photo and 1 government issued.

2. Separate email addresses for each party.

3. Bank Statements – Last 2 months from all accounts. Include front and back and all blank/form pages.

4. Tax Returns – Last 2 years of 1040 federal tax return. If self-employed, last 2 years of federal corporate and/or partnership tax returns. Last 2 years of W-2 forms.

5. Award Letters – If applicable. For retirement/pension income, social security and disability income.

6. Mortgage Statements – If applicable. Property tax bills and homeowner insurance statements for all real estate owned.

7. Bankruptcy – If applicable. Petition and discharge. These are available online in our office if you can’t locate the document.

8. Court Judgments for Money – If applicable. Judgments for money against the mortgage applicant.

9. If retired, last 2 months of retirement/pension, 401K and Social Security 1099 statements.

10. If divorced, a copy of the divorce decree and separation agreement.

Please call Alan Rosenthal at 828-419-0979 or email to if you have any questions. We look forward to getting you started on your path to homeownership! Thank you!