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A little about Beth…

Beth serves on the team as Alan’s Vacation Rental Marketing and Property Management Consultant. Beth is not a licensed real estate broker or an employee of Exit Realty Vistas.

Beth has an interesting and varied background in the Vacation Rental industry. She is a Vacation Rental Consultant, author of Money Making Vacation Rentals, owner of a successful vacation home in Fiji, and the current editor of Vacation Rental Travels, a digital magazine that offers vacation rental information and beautiful photography for both the traveler and Vacation Rental investor. 

As a Vacation Rental Consultant. Beth brings experienced, fresh eyes and perspective to give investors the decision-making information necessary to capitalize on their investments. She looks at the strong attributes of a property as well as where opportunities are being missed. Beth helps to increase your profitability by assisting you to secure more bookings and make more money for each of those bookings.

Beth handles property management for our clients. She also helps other property management companies to give a boost to underperforming properties. This helps property managers stand out in the market and grow their companies.

Beth also has many years of experience owning and managing multiple long-term rental properties.

As the owner of VFusion, Beth rounds out her representation, focusing on the traveler’s perspective. What are the positives and the negatives of a Vacation or Short-Term Rental? How will the traveling customer view the décor, usability, location and more? What do you need to have in your home for your guests? What is the best marketing plan to reach those customers and turn them into satisfied clients who will return and refer your property to their friends?

Beth is also an international and offshore vacation rental and travel expert. She owns and operates the successful Starfish Blue, a 3 bedroom, 3 bath villa on Fiji’s Suncoast. Beth was also the owner of Ship 'n Shore Travel and Tours. She developed Profitable Vacation Rentals Abroad, the online teaching program that takes investors from the buying process through marketing and providing great customer service.

Alan and Beth help you navigate rapidly changing Short-Term Rental regulations. What is allowed?  What permits and fees are required.

All successful Vacation and Short Term Rental investments have dedicated websites and a social media presence. Beth is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certified Writer and Social Media Coach. Beth’s effective process includes a Site Audit of your website, including over 40 key areas for optimal performance.

Beth enjoys working with clients to make their websites perform well and get the most out of their Social Media. Beth’s Internet and marketing team performs a Site Audit on your website, checking 43 key areas for optimal performance. The team then performs the SEO research and copy writing for existing websites and websites they create. What are people looking for when they search? How do search engines respond to your web presence and provide that information to your future clients? What is the most effective social media strategy for your specific needs?

We look forward to working with you on all of your Vacation, Short-Term and Long-Term rental investments.

Alan J. Rosenthal, BGRE, AHWD

Beth Carson

Vacation Rental

Investments Consultant